Woo hoo! This marks the start of this blog! In ToS Tips, I will share my journey, observations and tips for playing Tree of Saviour.

Tree of Saviour is a MMO developed by IMC Games, created by Kim Hakkyu who created one of the grandfathers of korean MMOs, Ragnarok Online.

I myself am an avid gamer of over 20 years, and Ragnarok Online was one of the biggest time sinks of my life. The biggest one being Final Fantasy 11.

Naturally, I was excited when I learnt Tree of Saviour was going to be released, and was the spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online, since all the sequels and spinoffs of Ragnarok Online were flops.

I am about 200 hours into the game as I type, and have enjoyed the game tremendously; Part of my enjoyment is slightly biased due to nostalgia; Sadly, some of my gaming mates did not enjoy it, to each their own.

That said, I enjoy the game for its beautiful art style, varied classes and …. GRIND!

MMO these days let you level too easily, and I really appreciate the fact that in ToS, you have to grind exp eventually at high levels with a party in order to reach the max level. Two of my favourite MMOs of all time did this, and since then, levelling in games has been super casual.

That said, ToS has a few flaws, like every other MMO out there, or any other product. Good thing is, those flaws are not enough to deter me from playing, because it’s simply too fun building a character, killing mobs and bosses. The dungeon instances so far have been quite linear, I do hope they get a little more complex later on.

That said, I shall leave this at that for this introductory post, and will talk more about various areas of the game in later posts.