So… this is like the 5th or 6th time I’ve rerolled an archer in Tree of Savior. This time was the most drastic one, because I rerolled from lvl71.

Reason? Because I messed up my class progression.  In the past, I had to reroll because I missed up some skill ranks. This time, it was because of the order i got my classes. I wass trying to go for a cookie cutter machine-gun quarrel shooter, which demands an Archer2/QuarrelShooter3 build.

What I didn’t know was that you’re NOT  supposed to get 2 ranks  of  Archer from the start! Instead, you should go for Archer,  Quarrel Shooter x 3, Archer.

This way, your Quarrel shooter build matures around lv80, and you can go around wasting things with Running Shot from QS3.

So if I hadn’t rerolled, I would need to be lv120+ before I could get my Quarrel Shooter matured.

So the question was, to stick it through until lvl120+ or to reroll.

The answer to that is definitely to reroll, because levelling from lv1-70 is much faster than levelling from 70-120+

Some people can probably do it in a day, I do it in two.

The moral of the story is: PLAN YOUR BUILD CAREFULLY!!!

Tree of Savior is not the type of game where you just play and go along. You will regret it, and there is no way of resetting classes.

Research, research and research.