I’ve written a new comprehensive guide on making silver in Tree of Savior for the state of the game on August 2017! Check it out here!

Money, or in ToS’s case, silver, is very important in any MMO. Luckily for Tree of Savior, they’ve kind of given you a good idea of what makes money.

It’s also great that ToS has a decent Auction House system, that works better than Diablo 3’s first Auction House.

So how does one make silver effectively in ToS?

1) Grind Exp. Grinding will ease your reliance on exp cards, and also get you quite abit of silver in the process in both silver drops and selling off item drops.

2) Farm collection items.
The collection system lets you know what items are needed in collections, and there is always at least one item in every collection that is rare. This item will always sell for quite a good amount of money. The other less rare items of a collection, will ALWAYS sell for more than they are worth to the NPC.

3) Farm useful recipes and either sell the recipes, or craft them and sell the final product.

4) Farm for mats used in popular recipes. I will give an example below.

5) Do your daily dungeons. Dungeons give a good amount of silver drops, as well as the chance at an item that will possibly sell for a lot of silver. The most popular 1, being the lvl90 dungeon’s Arde Dagger, which sells for 800k silver on Telsiai.

So what are some good items to farm for?

So far, I’ve made the most money farming the Grand Cross recipe, crafting it and selling it. It’s worth about 300k on the AH on Telsiai. The recipe drops uncommonly from Pinos roaming around on the western side of Gate of The Kings Map.

It also requires an Oak Crossbow, often gotten from quest boss drops and 32 matsum stems, gotten from the matsums in Kavailas Forest.


Another expensive item to farm for are Varv Skins, from Ashaq Dungeon 3F. These are going for 20k each on Telsiai, and are used both in the Ashaq collection, as well as to craft the fantastic beetle shell shield.


You can find Varv on the Ashaq Underground Prison 3F, and also in the Royal Masouleum 1F. Also worth farming together in the Ashaq Underground Prison 3F are the blue vubbe fighter tokens for the collection, they go around 50k each.

So these are my tips for now. I’ll share more next time!