Like most other MMOs, Tree of Savior has instanced dungeons you can partake in with a party. The game comes with a party finder feature so solo players can simply join other solo players to complete a dungeon. However, there are caveats to this system as currently, it does not accurately allow you to queue with friends to fill up the missing slots in your pre-made party, even with the proper work-arounds.

So what are the benefits of doing dungeons in Tree of Savior?

  • Exp! When you enter a dungeon at its minimum level requirement, chances are the exp will be very very good for you, you will earn 1-2 levels from the first dungeon, and 1 level per dungeon for at least 5 levels, before the exp gains starts diminishing against your required exp to next level.
  • Loot! Certain dungeons have very good, Best in Slot loot, even from the level 90 dungeon onwards. Loot in dungeon comes in the form of a cube that is dropped for every member of the party off the last boss. Opening this cube will roll the dungeon drop, most of which you will get talt, but if lucky, you will get some of the other 1-5% rare drop. This system also ensures every member of the party will get a chance at a good drop! As opposed to 5 people rolling for one drop.
  • Silver! Aside from selling off any potential rare drop from the last boss, throughout the dungeon, you will gain quite ¬†abit of silver from the mobs.

Here are the list of dungeon instances in Tree of Savior for yours and my convenience. ūüôā

In order of level of entry:

Underground Chapel

Level 50

Location: Tenet Garden, outside Tenet Church

Difficulty: Easy, healer not required

Notable Drops: None


Historic Site Ruins

Level 90

Location: Zachariel Crossroads, middle right of map, below the Statue of Zemnya

Difficulty: Easy, healer not required if have good tank and dps.

Notable Drops: Arde Dagger, Beetleback Recipe


Fedimian Suburbs

Level 115

Location: Fedimian Suburbs, outside entrance to Mage Tower

Difficulty: Average, a group of monsters have a skill called the golden bell attack, and can wipe your party out if not  careful.

Notable Drops: Valia Recipe, Shield


Fallen Legwyn Family Dungeon

Level 130

Location: Forest of Prayer

Difficulty: Average

Notable Drops: Petamion Recipe


Hollow Thorn Forest

Level  145

Location: Forest of  Prayer

Difficulty: Average

Notable Drops: none


Crap Dungeon

Level 160

Location: Greene Manor

Difficulty: Hard

Notable Drops: none


Thorny Vines Forest Dungeon

Level 175

Location: Nuoridin Falls

Difficulty: Easy, but quite long winded. Average run takes at least 30mins.

Notable Drops: Aias Recipe


Archmage Tower Dungeon

Level 190

Location: Fedimian Suburbs

Difficulty: Easy. Linear and Good Exp. Average run takes 20-30mins.

Notable Drops: Max Petition Recipe, Sissel Bracelet


Catacombs Underground Dungeon

Level 200

Location: Fedimian

Difficulty: ?

Notable Drops: Catacombs Weapons, Manamana


Level 217 Dungeon

Level 217

Location: Inner Enceinte  District

Difficulty: Hard

Notable Drops: Otrava Shield Recipe, Animus Recipe


Saalus Convent Dungeon

Level 240

Location: Inner Enceinte District

Difficulty: Hard

Notable Drops: Didel Grand Cross recipe