This week’s patch notes for Tree of Savior are here!

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Main Changes

  • New premium items added to the TP Shop
    – Trump Costumes (Male and Female) for each class tree
    – Five matching head accessories (used by all classes): Major Spade Hat, Diamond Magician Hat, Queen Diamond’s Tiara, Sailor Heart Hat, Clover Feather Hat
    – Two hairstyles: Long-Wave Perm (Female), Quiff Style (Male)
  • Monster Cards and Monster Gems will now be transferrable to your other characters through the Team Storage.


UI Fixes

  • The problem of the Market list not showing up immediately upon interacting with the Market NPC after moving channels or entering the city has been fixed.
  • The problem of not being able to drag Skill Scrolls from a character’s Personal Storage to their Inventory has been fixed.


Skill Related


Divine Might:
The duration of this skill will now increase as intended according to the skill level.


Subzero Shield:
This skill will no longer freeze characters using the skills Energy Blast or God Finger Flick.


Carve World Tree:
The problem of monsters affected by this skill still being able to attack has been fixed. (Thank Laima!!)


This skill will now deal the intended damage to enemies using the skills Prophecy or Bloodletting, or with a Dispeller activated.

The problem of this skill not being performed when intended has been fixed.

This skill will now properly apply to enemies using the skills Prophecy or Bloodletting, or with a Dispeller activated.


Counter Spell:
The problem of this skill not nullifying ally debuffs (level 1) has been fixed.


Weapon Maintenance:
The animation for this skill has been corrected.


  • Black Hole gimmicks in the Alemeth Forest region now have reduced difficulty levels.
  • The problem of skills being performed remotely after using a Watering Can item has been fixed.
  • You will now be able to receive the Adventure Journal rewards for hunting Black Old Kepas and Brown Terra Imps as intended.
  • Rest buffs will no longer be able to be deactivated by right-clicking on the mouse.