Hello Saviors!

Tree of Savior has just gone through a massive revamp, although full details on what has changed is still a bit of a mystery because I can’t find the patch notes yet, but I will be sharing with you some tips about some improvements that are confirmed!

Starting with the current event for RETURNING players to Tree of Savior, that have not logged in since 1 May 2017.

This event lasts from 16 May 2017 through 13 June 2017.

The event is called the Welcome back saviour event, and eligible returning players get a “Welcome Back Gift Box” from your inbox at your lodge, which you can assign to one of your characters.

The box lasts 15 days, and you can use it once daily for a total of 10 times.

You will get one fixed daily reward: 3 settlement support potions


An optional reward which you can choose between:

  1. Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher (14 days) x 2
  2. 8x EXP Tome (14 days) x 1
  3. Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token (14 days) x 3
  4. Earth Tower One Entry Voucher (14 days) x 1
  5. Saalus Mission One Entry Voucher (14 days) x 1

Note the ’14 days’, this means that once you’ve retrieved the reward, you need to use it within 14 days.

All that said, I think it’s a great incentive for returning players, so let’s see each other back in game!

Source: Tree of Savior Official Website