Ok this is big. This is probably the biggest event ever, since the launch of Tree of Savior International.

From May 16 – May 30th 2017, everyone gets to reset their characters once, EVERYDAY.

That’s insane, and a total dream come true, since everyone had been asking for character resets since the game’s launch!

Only skill resets were previously possible.

This is apparently in lieu of the upcoming combat changes.

So to participate, visit the Kupole helper NPC in Klaipedia, Orsha and Fedimian.

The Kupole helper will give you a total of 3 items:

  1. Stat Reset Potion
  2. Skill Reset Potion
  3. Rank Reset Potion

That means, you can COMPLETELY reset your character down to the build, stats, and skills.

There are some conditions, not breaking, but good to know:

A. Advancement Quest Exemption

  • During this event your characters will be exempt from advancement quests, meaning you will be able to advance into your desired classes without having to complete the corresponding advancement quests.
  • To advance into a hidden class, you will still need to gather the corresponding advancement requirements. If you have already gathered those requirements, you can advance into the hidden class automatically if you choose it.

B. Before the Rank Reset

  • You will not be able to use Rank Reset Voucher if you have unused rank-up cards left in your inventory. Remember that Rank Cards can only be used at the rank that precedes them.
  • The Rank Reset Voucher can only be used inside the cities of Klaipeda, Orsha and Fedimian.
  • To use the Voucher, you must unequip all items.
  • Any attributes you may be learning need to be complete before you use the Voucher.
  • The character to reset cannot be associated to a companion, so remember to retrieve any companions back to your team lodge.
  • You cannot be using a shop (eg. a buff shop) at the time when the Voucher is used.
  • You cannot be crafting/enhancing items, enhancing gems or combining cards at the time when the Voucher is used.
  • If your character is a Templar and a guild master, you will need to transfer the guild to a new guild master or abandon the guild before you can use the Rank Reset Voucher.
  • Remember that you can be restricted from equipping any Circle 3 costumes you may have depending on the class you choose after the reset.
  • Remember that your character will have to be female in order to advance into Miko.C. After the Rank Reset
  • You character will be reset to class level 1, and you will be provided with enough Class EXP Cards to get your character back to the rank it was before the reset. You will be able to recover your pre-reset class level and EXP in full even if your character hasn’t reached class level 15.
  • All the attributes you learned will be reset and converted into attribute points, which you can use to learn new attributes at the corresponding Class Master.
  • All Monster Cards will be unequipped and sent to your inventory with no penalty applied.
  • Companion vouchers obtained from class advancements will be deleted. Already existing companions will not be deleted, but no additional vouchers will be provided if the corresponding companion already exists in your team.
  • The Rank Reset Voucher will not reset your stat points.

Stat Reset Potion (1 Day)

A. This item will reset all the stat points applied to your character.
B. Your reset stats will be converted into status points that you can use to increase your stats again in the Character Info (F1) window. Press Shift and right-click to apply 10 points at a time.
Skill Reset Potion (1 Day)

A. This item will reset all the skill points applied to your character’s skills.
B. Your reset skills will be converted into skill points that you can use to increase your skills again in the Class and Skills (F3) window.

Source: Tree of Savior Official Website