Month: June 2017

Tree of Savior June 20th Patch Notes

This is also what I deem the PAY2WIN patch. Because of the re-introduction of the letizia cube, which is basically a cash shop mystery box, but this time it contains quite a lot of useful endgame items, including Practonium. Here are the patch notes: Leticia’s Secret Cube New Edition – A new edition of Leticia’s Secret Cube will be available at the TP Shop starting this maintenance. Goddess’ Blessed Cube Removed From TP Shop – The current edition of the Goddess’ Blessed Cube will be removed from the TP Shop during this maintenance. – Keep an eye on our...

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Ultimate Tree of Savior Hunting Grounds Guide

August 2017 : Updated with notes and drops Tree of Savior Hunting Grounds were a new farming/dungeon concept introduced in March 2017. The idea is sort of a more elite dungeon with mobs of higher hp and elite mobs, that drop cubes which give new unidentified gear, which you have to identify in town. Each of the Hunting Grounds is inhabited by glowing Giant Monsters that drop as much as twice the items and silver as regular monsters. They’re apparently a decent way to grind in the higher levels now. Here are a list of the locations of the...

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So you want to be a Chaplain? Chaplain unlock / advancement guide.

Chaplain is a hidden job class in Tree of Savior, and requires one to finish a hidden quest make it available on the class advancement screen. Thankfully, unlocking and completing the Chaplain class quest is quite simple, and I will show you how. You need to be Priest Rank 3 in order to be able to change to Chaplain, but you can still unlock the class first. Step 1 Talk to a guard in Orsha until he tells you that he recently met the Chaplain Master. This is the second guard standing beside the Lord of Orsha. It will take...

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Sidekick Booster Event! More EXP Buffs until 4th July 2017!

Wow, along with the new wedding bells event, is also a sidekick booster event! Both events offer exp boosts, so levelling up fast in Tree of Savior is going to be a no brainer! I wonder if they’re making it too easy? Anyways, it’s now or never to get back in the game and level up those alts that you had forsaken in the past. Sidekick Booster Event June 13th – July 4th 2017 Who Can Participate All characters with by a companion of level 50 or higher How to Participate Associate a Companion to one of your characters...

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New Wedding Bells Event! Get your free cosmetic costume!

Ok this might be one of the weirder events I’ve seen on Tree of Savior. Starting June 13 to July 4th, is the Wedding Bells event! Available for level 50 and above characters, rewards include one wedding outfit, which might be a great first free event cosmetic for many players, like myself, and also apparently some combat buffs. How to participate in the event? Step 1 Visit the wedding planner NPC in Orsha or Klaipedia to receive one invitation. Like the clover events, you can only reecive ONE invitation per team, per day. I wonder if we can receive...

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