• NEW: Luck of the Anvils
    – Have your shot at enhancing the Shining Four Leaf Clover to win advanced enhancement-boosting anvils for your equipment in our new event!
    – This event is for all characters and it will be open until June 27, 2017.
    – Read the announcement here for the full details.
  • Spring Fan Art Festival Artworks
    – The winning works of our last Spring Fan Art Festival will be applied as in-game loading screens during this maintenance. Congratulations to all the participants for their amazing talent and dedication!
    – See here for the full list of winning works.
  • Daily Character Reset Event CLOSING
    – The Daily Character Reset Event comes to an end with this maintenance.
    – Read the announcement here for the full details.

TP Shop

  • Goddess’ Blessed Cube Removed From TP Shop
    – The current edition of the Goddess’ Blessed Cube will be removed from the TP Shop during this maintenance.
    – Keep an eye on our News page for updates on the next edition!

Bug Fixes

  • General
    – Monsters in Awakening Dungeons will no longer be given an excessively low level.
    – Fixed the error which allowed non-mount skills to be performed even when mounted on a companion.
    – DPK ratings will no longer be reset when a server is restarted for maintenance purposes or abnormally.
  • UI and Graphics
    – Chat speech bubbles will no longer cover part of the Market UI.
    – Fixed the incorrect message that appeared when canceling the learning of an attribute.
    – Corrected the Tanu Gem item icon.
    – Adding a Skill Scroll to a quick slot and consuming all scrolls available in the inventory will no longer cause errors in the corresponding tooltip.
    – Fixed the animation errors that occurred when using skills or performing certain actions after equipping the Long Ponytail hairstyle.
    – Attacking with your character facing front after equipping the Long Wave Perm hairstyle and a hair accessory in slot 1 will no longer cause the hair to cover the accessory.
    – Interacting with an NPC and reactivating the Attributes window will no longer cause the scrollbar to automatically scroll to the bottom of the window.
    – Using a potion while sharing a buff, casting Cyclone, Rush or performing any action with a prolonged animation will no longer cancel the corresponding visual effects.