• New Goddess’ Blessed Cube Edition
    – A new edition of the Goddess’ Blessed Cube will be available at the TP Shop until June 20,2017.
    – See the full list of items available here.
  • New Items
    – Heart-Throb Wedding Costume (Male)
    – Heart-Throb Wedding Costume (Female)
    – My Wedding Tuxedo Costume (Male)
    – My Wedding Dress Costume (Female)
    – Dove Music Box 2 Editions
    – Wedding Pop-up Book
    – Wedding Veil (Female Hair Item)
    – Bouquet 2 Editions (Sub-weapon)
    1) The costumes above can be worn by characters of all classes.
    [UPDATED] 2) The costumes above can be exchanged in the Exchange Shop.
    3) The costumes above are tradable.
  • Party Outfits in the Exchange Shop
    – Party Outfits will now be tradable for medals at the Exchange Shop.

TP Shop

  • Leticia’s Secret Cube Removed From TP Shop
    – The current edition of Leticia’s Secret Cube will be removed from the TP Shop during this maintenance.
    – Keep an eye on our News page for updates on the next edition!

Bug Fixes

  • Offensive language filters have been updated.
  • Issues with character, NPC, and monster graphics in Stele Road have been fixed.
  • Companions will not disappear during the quest “A Worthy Opponent” in Viltis Forest.