Ok this might be one of the weirder events I’ve seen on Tree of Savior.

Starting June 13 to July 4th, is the Wedding Bells event!

Available for level 50 and above characters, rewards include one wedding outfit, which might be a great first free event cosmetic for many players, like myself, and also apparently some combat buffs.

How to participate in the event?

Step 1

Visit the wedding planner NPC in Orsha or Klaipedia to receive one invitation.

Like the clover events, you can only reecive ONE invitation per team, per day.

I wonder if we can receive it on Toon A on day 1, and Toon B on day 2?

Step 2

Deliver the invitation to the NPC addressed. There are a total of 15 NPCs picked at random for you to send the invitation to.

The invitation will have a 3 minute count down, deliver it before the count down ends to win 3 party firecrackers (14 days) (Noooo).

If you miss the time limit, you will still get 1 party firecracker as consolation.

So wtf is a Party Firecracker?

  • +2 movement speed for 1 hour
  • 50% exp gain for party for 1 hour (non stackable)

Woot! More experience boosts! Looks like this is how IMC is going to make levelling easier, while maintaining player engagement! Not a bad idea.

Step 3

Repeat the process the next day.

Wait, where’s the wedding costume reward?

Deliver a total of 15 invitations and you will get the wedding costume box from one of the wedding planners!

So June 13th to July 4th, that’s 24 days. One will need to start the event LATEST by 21st June to be able to do the event 15 days in a row to get the costume reward. 24 days, shouldn’t be a problem… right?

Good luck!