August 2017 : Updated with notes and drops

Tree of Savior Hunting Grounds were a new farming/dungeon concept introduced in March 2017.

The idea is sort of a more elite dungeon with mobs of higher hp and elite mobs, that drop cubes which give new unidentified gear, which you have to identify in town.

Each of the Hunting Grounds is inhabited by glowing Giant Monsters that drop as much as twice the items and silver as regular monsters.

They’re apparently a decent way to grind in the higher levels now.

Here are a list of the locations of the current available hunting grounds.

August 2017 iTOS Update

Hunting grounds now drop cube fragments along side the regular weapon/armor cubes. Combine 8 such fragments to form 1 cube.

270 Weapon Cubes can drop both magic/rare weapons.

315 Armour cubes can drop both magic/rare armor.

Tavorh Cave

Level: 100

Enter from: Seir Rainforest

Nearest Waypoint: Fedimian

Notable Monster Drops:

  • Topaz from the bats
  • Lizardman Claw from the lizards
  • Vubbe Fighter Glove recipe from any mob

Cube Drops:


Narcon Prison

Level: 150

Enter from: Gytis Settlement Area

Nearest Waypoint: Klaipedia

Notable Monster Drops:

  • Hunter bangle recipe from infrorockters at the entrance.

Cube Drops:


Natarh Watchtower

Level: 170

Enter from: Dina Bee Farm

Nearest Waypoint: Septyni Glen

Tatenye Prison

Level: 190

Enter from: Ruklys Street

Nearest Waypoint: Ruklys Street

Neighport Church East Building

Level: 210

Enter from: Stogas Plateau

Nearest Waypoint: Stogas Plateau

This in my opinion is the best money making hunting grounds, because of it’s level range, I can face roll all the mobs in this dungeon on my SR3, and the wide range of amor and weapons it offer, that also happen to be the best mid end gear that many toons wear until end game gear. There is just so much good gear to be gotten from this hunting ground, and I’ve made most of my fortune from here.

Notable Monster Drops:

  • Recipe: Brandish from Stynlam
  • Shredded cloth from Shredded
  • Battle Bracelet from Galoks (very few and sparse)

Cube Drops:

Sjarejo Chamber

Level: 230

Enter from: Woods of the Linked Bridges

Nearest Waypoint: Orsha

This is not a very popular dungeon, but does have some mid-end gear. Some pieces can go for quite a bit, like the Keyarc and Suurit Plate Pants. There are a lot of high defence mobs here though, I targeted the Vikaras and Lepusbunny rooms on my SR.

Notable Monster Drops:

  • Dawn crystal fragment from the maidens
  • Vikaras Core from Vikaras (plenty here)
  • Varv skins and gem from Varvs (plenty)

Cube Drops:

Netanmalek Mausoleum

Level: 240

Enter from: Sjarejo Chamber

Nearest Waypoint: Orsha

Nobody really farms here, it’s not really worth the time, but I do see it as a interesting option if you’re farming for Sage Wall Recipe.

Notable Monster Drops:

  • Topaz from the Rukrats
  • Chance of Sagewall Recipe from Venucelos

Cube Drops:

Rancid Labyrinth

Level: 280

Enter from: Grynas Hills

Nearest Waypoint: Grynas Hills

Nobody really farms here, it’s not really worth the time.┬áThis is the first dungeon that offers purple (vienti) variations of gear.

Balaam Camp Site

Level: 300

Enter from: Rancid Labyrinth

Nearest Waypoint: Grynas Hills

Directions from Rancid Labyrinth: Go straight from entrance into a path towards the center in Rancid Labyrinth.

Nobody really farms here, it’s not really worth the time.

Michmas Temple

Level: 320

Enter from: Balaam Camp Site

Nearest Waypoint: Grynas Hills

Directions from Balaam Camp Site: Make a left one you enter, which will lead you down a path towards the portal to Michmas.

This is the end game hunting ground, which everyone should gear and spec to be able to clear as quickly and easily as possible.

Unless you can face roll the mobs, the mobs here can be challenging because the melee-only area is just around the entrance, and rest of the rooms have lots of ranged and caster mobs.

At the moment, my Chaplain-Inquisitor is the class of choice to farm here, though I hope I can gear my SR3 to be able to as well.

Cube Drops: