This is also what I deem the PAY2WIN patch.

Because of the re-introduction of the letizia cube, which is basically a cash shop mystery box, but this time it contains quite a lot of useful endgame items, including Practonium.

Here are the patch notes:

Leticia’s Secret Cube New Edition
– A new edition of Leticia’s Secret Cube will be available at the TP Shop starting this maintenance.

Goddess’ Blessed Cube Removed From TP Shop
– The current edition of the Goddess’ Blessed Cube will be removed from the TP Shop during this maintenance.
– Keep an eye on our News page for updates on the next edition!


Sidekick Booster
– The companion buff of this event can now be stacked with the clover buff from the Luck of the Anvils event.

Wedding Bells
– Invitation items will now count down from 30 minutes instead of 3 minutes.
– Fixed the issue where guest NPCs would provide only one Party Firecracker even when the Invitation was delivered within the time limit.

Luck of the Anvils Closing Next Week
– Remember that the Luck of the Anvils event is closing next week on June 27, 2017.


Shield Bash Stat Issue Fixed
– Being attacked with the Shield Bash skill will no longer alter your character’s stats as intended.