Month: June 2017

Tree of Savior Levelling Guide, level 228 and beyond

Ok this is the sequel to the original Tree of Savior 1-240 levelling guide. Actually, we will start from level 210 instead, because there┬áhad been quite some new changes both to amount of exp received, new areas and quests, and what nots. Level 210 – 228 Almeth Forest Grind. Get there from Forest of Prayer and head south. If its you’re first time to Almeth, make sure that you do not complete one quest there. Just any one quest, leave it on pending turn in, so you can warp back to the quest giver and hence back to Almeth...

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Tree of Savior 7th June 2016 Patch Notes

Events New Goddess’ Blessed Cube Edition – A new edition of the Goddess’ Blessed Cube will be available at the TP Shop until June 20,2017. – See the full list of items available here. New Items – Heart-Throb Wedding Costume (Male) – Heart-Throb Wedding Costume (Female) – My Wedding Tuxedo Costume (Male) – My Wedding Dress Costume (Female) – Dove Music Box 2 Editions – Wedding Pop-up Book – Wedding Veil (Female Hair Item) – Bouquet 2 Editions (Sub-weapon) NOTE: 1) The costumes above can be worn by characters of all classes. [UPDATED] 2) The costumes above can be...

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How to get from Level 1 to Level 325 in 12 hours

Just saw this on youtube and it’s pretty sick. This person live streamed himself playing Tree of Savior and getting from level 1 to 325 in 12 hours. That said, it wasn’t just a vanilla toon, which would be impossible. He already had bonuses from other maxed toons, and instant dungeon clears, exp boosts, etc. Still, it was quite interesting to watch someone levelling so quickly in Tree of Savior with minimal...

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Tree of Savior 30th May 2017 Patch Notes

Events NEW: Luck of the Anvils – Have your shot at enhancing the Shining Four Leaf Clover to win advanced enhancement-boosting anvils for your equipment in our new event! – This event is for all characters and it will be open until June 27, 2017. – Read the announcement here for the full details. Spring Fan Art Festival Artworks – The winning works of our last Spring Fan Art Festival will be applied as in-game loading screens during this maintenance. Congratulations to all the participants for their amazing talent and dedication! – See here for the full list of...

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