Here’s the full and correct way of unlocking the Appraiser class in Tree of Savior.

Step 1

Talk to fencer master in Forest of Prayer until he talks about appraiser

Step 2

Talk to accessory merchant in Orsha until take about forgeries and appraiser master

Step 3

Talk to Uska about appraiser

Step 4

Talk to princess Gaivile’s attendant. Located at gate beside Krivis master at Klaipedia.

Fucker is not always around, and spawns randomly across channels for 15mins.

Step 5

Get signatures from Ines Hamondale (Lord of Orsha) and Commander Vacenin (Entrance of Kateen Forest)

Just talk to the above 2 NPCs, and after ward, read the order in your inventory 3 times, you should get 3 different messages:

  • The Royal Order smells slightly of chemicals
  • The empty space between contents and the first signature are far too wide
  • The Royal Order looks a little suspicious. Someone ought to know about it.

Step 6

Talk to Ines Hamondale (Lord of Orsha), you will talk about the gap and the chemical smell.

Step 7

Talk to Appraiser Sandra in Fedimian about the Royal Order.

Step 8

Talk to Alchemist Master Vaidotas in Miners Village. He will ask for special reagent ingredients:

  • Firent Flower x 15 (Nefritas Cliff)
  • Ellom Bell x 20 (Myrkiti Farm)
  • Phyracon Leaf x 50 (Phyracon, Mage Tower 1F)
  • Magic Powder x 100 (Enchanter Master, Saalus Convent)

Step 9

Collect the 2 dreaded flowers.

Weynd Flower

This flower spawns at 4 different locations in Gytis Settlement Area.

Disappears once collected, but seems to be sharable in a party. No idea of timing, seems to be more than 2 hours. Just hop channels and scan the 4 locations.

Driekple Flower

This is the most difficult  one, found in Goddess Ancient Garden, near the monument, 8 o’clock from the warp statue.

When it spawns, it looks like a unassuming plant that can be interacted with.

You need to then run north to collect water from the north edge of the pond, and then go back to the flower and water the flower.

The flower has a 2 hidden states. One state is it does nothing when you water it, the other state is that it glows when you water it. You need to water it in it’s glowing state.

In a party of 5, we watered the flower non stop for 15 minutes, before it gave out a bright blue glow, and then the flower was collected. Solo, it might take an hour.

It’s said that as long as you’ve watered the plant once, you will get the flower regardless of party or not.

That said, try to do this as a group for social points and such. 🙂

Step 10

Craft Reagent. Just go to craft mode and you should see a craftable quest item reagent.

Step 11

Go back to Alchemist Master Vaidotas (Miners Village) and hand him everything.

Step 12

Go to Appraiser Sandra (Fedimian). She will give you the Royal Order and a Copy of Royal Order.

Step 13

Go talk to Ines Hamondale (Lord of Orsha)

Step 14

Another fucked up stage, hunt again for Princess Gaivile’s Attendant in Klaipedia and talk to him.

Step 15

Return to Appraiser Sandra and give her the letter of appointment. She’ll now become the Appraiser Master, concluding the unlock.

Thankfully, the Appraiser Job Change Quest is very simple, and just involves warping and talking to the fencer master and osha accessory merchant a few times.

Good luck!