Making silver in Tree of Savior, like any other MMO, has changed over the course of many patches. That said, many of the silver-making items are still worth it, with some new ways of making silver.

This guide was written for the state of the international Tree of Savior, Telsai Server economy in August 2017.

Most of these tips assume you are level 330, though mob kills can be done much earlier as long as you can kill the mobs.

There are 3 general types of making silver in Tree of Savior (or any other situation to be honest):

  1. Slow and Steady. Despite the name, it’s actually fast, steady stream of small amounts of silver. Eventually accumulates to a decent income with persistent grinding.
  2. Medium Rare Grind. This is grinding for loot of medium rarity. This depends a bit on RNG, but with some luck, you can get a good income with less time than Method 1.
  3. High Risk Farmer. A stab at high rarity items, you may not get one for days or weeks, but if you get one, it equals to many days of grinding of method 1 and 2.

Let me share some items and ways to grind and make silver with you. You’re welcome.

All prices shown here are at the time of posting, and will differ depending on market conditions, supply and demand, assholes under/overcharging.

Slow and Steady

1. Level 140 / 170 dungeons

This is one of the most old school and popular techniques — grinding the level 140, 170 and 200 dungeons.

140 being the fastest, aside from the raw 250k silver accumulated, you also get a rare stab at chance of a Petamion Recipe (2.5 million silver)

170 gives about 300+k silver, has a lot more mobs, but unfortunately no notable items of value from the boss cube.

200 dungeon gives about also 300+k silver, and has a rare chance at a Max Petamion Recipe (3 million silver) and Sissel Bracelet Recipe (1 million silver).

Its worth noting that 140 and 200 dungeons both have 2 boss cubes, which means chance at 2 boss cards per run. Boss cards are quite in demand for levelling cards, and cost from 60k silver for trash cards.

All level 330 characters should be able solo the 140 dungeons, the best class to do these are of course, Schwarzer Reiters and perhaps Feather Foot farmers. (Will post build guide if needed)

PS: I’ve gotten a few instance clear and multiply tokens from random mob drops in solo dungeon runs before, these are worth quite a bit on the market too.



2. Saalus Convent

Saalus Convent is slated to be changed very soon, but not yet at the time of writing, so what I’m writing here is still when it was 2 saalus runs per day. At level 240, you get access to Saalus Convent, which when I was a noob, thought was a very high end dungeon.

In actual fact, it’s just like an additional daily mission, that awards you a 2 cubes per run, 1 for saalus loot and 1 for a blessed shard, which is the currency used for transcending weapons. Currently, around 100k each. These are super high in demand, and are also used as currency to trade for gear in game. Kinda like the stone of jordan of ToS. It can take under 5minutes per run to 15mins, depending on the dungeon you get, although in the future update, there will no longer be quick saalus ‘missions’ any more.

Anyway, it’s a quick daily 200k per character, with a chance of some semi-valuable recipes from the saalus cube:

  • Archmage Bangle Recipe – 200k
  • Didel Grand Cross Recipe – 50-100k

Also some of the boss cards (random rare drop) are worth quite a bit, in particularly the Gazing Golem Card (3.8 million silver) from Mausoleum Mission.


3. Silver / AFK Grind

I neither recommend nor endorse this method, but this is truly for the laziest silver farmers. That said, AFK necro and bokor farming will be patched in future. It involved getting out your legion of pets, and AFKing at a high density mob spawn spot at Demon Prison 2 or Dina Bee Farm. You farm the silver drops, and occasional gem drops, although if you’re AFK, most of the time you won’t pick them up.

I’ve heard of stories of AFKers getting a few million a day just from AFK farming. Again, I don’t endorse this no life method, even if you don’t AFK.



4. Crystal Mines Mission

What makes this mission special is that on the 3rd phase of the mission, there are 2 rooms of many minion mobs that you can 1 shot, and have the chance to drop Portium (250k silver), Ferinium (50k silver), Phydecium (100k silver), all 3 of which are required for the crafting of the level 315 Purple Practonium weapons and some other recipes. In the east and west rooms of the 3rd phase is a totem that you must defeat within the timer to proceed to the next phase. The trick is not to defeat it, and kill the spawns of minions until they stop spawning, after which you can safely defeat the totem.

If you’re game for it, the next phase is a Werewolf boss, and his Werewolf Card (rare drop) fetches a cool 4 million silver, but I would classify this in the Slow, high risk, high return category.

The only shitty thing about this method is you gotta defeat the first 2 bosses in the 1st phase, followed by sitting out 5 minutes in the 2nd phase (or  you can also kill the bosses, in between bosses there are also minion spawns that drop the materials), before being able to enter the 3rd phase of material farming.


5. Level 290 Dungeon

The 290 dungeon gives a fair bit of silver per completion, I’m talking about auto-group here, not solo. Solo is only viable for the upper tier geared classes. Apart from the silver, the boss cubes drop the 315 Purple Recipes, some of which can be sold for over 100k each. There is also a chance for Artilonium drop, which goes for about 300k silver.


6. Low End Item Farming

These are items that are simply uncommon, meaning around 1 drop out of 20 kill types, and fetch maybe  10-50k. There are lots of these type of items, some used for class specific gears, quests, etc. Many of which I have yet to find out, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see something here.

  • Ellom Bell (45k)
  • Firent Flower (40k)
  • Varv Skin (50k)
  • Vikaras Core (20k)