Medium Rare Grind

Medium rare grind mostly involves farming for some rare material / recipe / item drop. These items, while rare, should be obtainable within a few hours of farming at the slowest. Now that the loot drop is based on percentage chance instead of DPK, it means that anyone could get a drop within the first few kills.

The other big part of the Medium Rare Grind are Hunting Grounds, but not all of them.

Here are some of the items that I have personally farmed and made quite a profit off.

Again, I expect you to already be level 330 to be comfortable killing these mobs, but you will probably be able to kill and farm them sooner.

Note that this is by no means a full list of stuff you can/should farm, but a preliminary list of items I have personally farmed and noted down.

Item Farming

  • Wizard Bracelet (1 million silver)
    One of the best beginner bracelets for magic attack classes. Drops off Shardstatues @ Spring Light Woods. This area to the right side of the map has these mobs, and have quite a high density and quick spawn rates.
  • Obsidian (800k silver)
    Drops off Rusrats at Royal Mausoleum 5F. They’re mostly scattered across the map, but quite a lot of them.
  • Fox Mask (2 million)
    Drops off Medekias which are on Royal Mausoleum 5F, same map as the Rusrats.
  • Topaz (1million silver)
    Vespers at Royal Mausoleum 2F and Tavorh Cave Hunting Grounds (Seir Rainforest). Farming them at Hunting Grounds also yield HG cubes, whose items sell for a bit of silver, but not too much.
  • Lizardman Claw (250k)
    Best to get them from Tavorh Cave Hunting Grounds for same reasons as Topaz above. Used in the crafting of Rapid Bangle.
  • Accuracy Crossbow Recipe
    Info Hogmas in Sunset Flag Forest.
  • Rapid Bangle Recipe (1.7 million silver)
    Woodluwas in Viltis Forest.
  • Hunter’s Bracelet (1.5 million silver)
    Red Infrorockters in Narcon Prison Hunting Grounds (Gytis Settlement). The Infrorockters are in the first and 2nd rooms of the entrance, so they’re extremely convenient to farm. Getting HG cubes are a bonus.
  • Battle Bracelet (4 million silver)
    These used to be 8 million, but after the arrival of the new world boss recipes, their prices have dropped. That said, I think they will always be relevant, because of sissel bracelets and gladiators bands will still be used a lot.
    This is likely the most expensive item that you can farm very early in the game from level 30! Kill Galoks in Tenet Church 1F. There are many people farming this, but don’t fret, go to a lower populated channel, and just run around. Nobody can monopolise the Galoks because their spawns are entirely random.
    I’ve farmed 2 of these on purpose, each took about 3-4 hours of non stop killing, and then on my Featherfoot alt, I got a drop on the first Galok I killed in Tenet Church at level 30ish. ­čÖé
  • Brown Tini Horn (450k silver)
    Rare drop from Brown Tini Magicians at Steel Heights. Required for Archmage Bangle Recipe.
  • Grand Cross Recipe (500k silver)
    I used to farm this a lot when Tree of Savior first launched! Un-surprisingly not many people farm it anymore due to the decline of Quarrelshooters, but there is still a small niche demand for it.
  • Leather Bangle (300k silver or so)
    This is another niche item, from low level Vubbe Archers in Crystal Mines 3F. The demand for it is because it’s used in Gladiator’s Band recipe.
  • Gems (10k silver each for level1 gems)
    Gems are always being consumed from the game and constantly in demand. Farm them from mobs in high density areas, low or high. The higher level maps drop lvl3 gems which go for 30k each. One popular spot is Timerys Temple (level 315).
    Don’t try to level up gems and sell the higher level gems, it’s not worth it.

Hunting Grounds

The place where I made the most silver from are hunting grounds, particularly the Level 210 Neighport Church East Building Hunting Ground (Stogas Plateau).

Here’s my list of all the Hunting Grounds in Tree of Savior and their locations.

This hunting ground gives a pretty common chance of dropping weapon and amor cubes, and have the most varied and best low-mid end gear for everyone. Some pieces go for 2 million, especially if you roll multiple slots on the identify.

So the question is, to identify or not before selling?

Back when prices were pretty good, I always sold them unidentified. Now that general prices have been lowered for non-identified, I find it pretty negligible selling unidentified gear, so I always identify. The price of a multi slot version of the same piece could be more than 50% higher, pretty worth the risk.

The other hunting ground I used to do a lot is the Level 230 Sjarejo Chamber Hunting Ground (Woods of Linked Bridges).

This one features some high armored mobs, but a few of the drops can fetch a decent price, namely Suurit Plate Pants, Keyarc Leather Gloves and some Pajoritas Weapons. That said, drop rates are not very great here, I would consider this place in between Medium Rare and High Risk.