High Risk Farmer

High risk in this sense, is the fact that you may spend a lot of time on these activities, but not get anything. If you do get something, you will win big. This is the style of farming for these items. Some of these activities are actually quite difficult to access for newbies too.

Earth Tower Farming

Most people would do Earth Tower for gearing themselves, but you can actually make like 8-15 million per Lolopanther piece should you decid to sell it. Solmiki would go way more. That said, it’s a tough and gruelling grind, and you need to be able to contribute well to the party in Earth Tower, although for levels 1-5 the requirements are much more forgiving.


Rare Material Farming

The materials for crafting the orange level 315 weapons go for a lot. Most are at least 600k per piece, and you need like upwards of 45 pieces on some of them. Most of the mobs who drop them are in the 300 range, so you definitely need to be 330 to be effectively farming them.

The sucky thing about this activity is that the drop rates are really quite abysmal. Sure some people get lucky and get one in the first hour, but be prepared to farm 2 hours straight just for 1 drop. If you are a FeatherFoot Farmer, at least you can a bit of consolation with 2 drops.

I personally feel using a FeatherFoot Farmer is the only way to do farm this.

Some of the most popular mats are:

  • Green Charog Horn (800k silver)
    Used to craft Skull Smasher.
    Drops form Green Charogs in Alembique Cave.
  • Kugheri Lyoni Horn  (700k silver)
    Used to craft Skull Smasher.
    Drops from Kugheri Lyons in Emmet Forest.
  • Yellow Leafnut Tail (600k silver)
    Used to craft Aspana Revolver.
    Drops from Yellow Leafnuts in Pystis Forest.
  • Kugheri Symbani’s Sword (600k silver)
    Used to craft Aspana Revolver.
    Drops from Kugheri Symbanis in Nobeer Forest.
  • Yellow Caro Antenna (900k silver)
    Used to craft Astra Bow.
    Drops from Yellow Caros in Pystis Forest.
  • Orange Grummer Antenna (300k silver)
    Used to craft Heart of Glory.
    Drops from Orange Grummers in Pystis Forest.
  • Mourningbird Tail (450k silver)
    Used to craft Astra Bow.
    Drops from Mourningbirds in Yudejan Forest.


Hunting Grounds

In this instance, it’s the Level 320 Michmas Temple Hunting Grounds. This hunting ground requires you to traverse 2 hunting grounds from Grynas Hills. It is not exactly a walk in the park, and was one of my end game goals for my toons, to be able to farm comfortably here.

Here’s my list of all the Hunting Grounds in Tree of Savior and their locations.

The hunting ground drops blue and purple versions of armor and weapon cubes. The goal is to aim for a purple drop, most of which goes for upwards of 10 million silver. Many of the purple weapon drops, prefixed with Purine, are considered the end-game alternatives to the 315 orange weapons. The blue gear used to fetch a decent price too, but sadly after the DPK system removal, drop rates have increased and prices have gone down by a lot.

The silver drops here are also quite decent while you farm, and can accumulate to a few hundred k per session.

Rare Gear Farming

  • Sage Wall Recipe
    Still the only shield that gives +spr, so it is useful for pardoners getting the highest blessing rating, and possibly also SPR cleric builds.
    I’ve tried farming for this in the pre-DPK, DPK and post-DPK eras of Tree of Savior, and have never gotten a drop. It is in my books, the single most rare item in the game. Estimated retail price, 20 million silver.
  • World Boss / Field Boss
    Prior to the World Boss patch, there were already some decent drops desired, ie. Gladiator Band Recipe, Wind Runner Recipe.
    After the World Boss / Field Boss patch, there are a lot more things desired, namely 315 Orange Weapon Recipes, the new 315 Blue to Orange Accessory Recipes, and Materials for the 315 Blue to Orange Recipes, a long with the boss cards which fetch a few million silvers.

    Click here for my complete list of Tree of Savior World Bosses.

    The only catch is catching the field bosses, and getting in a decent party for super world bosses. The lag is insane on super world bosses, and you need good DPS to qualify for a cube. This is a little like Ragnarok Online’s MVP system, though I wonder why they wouldn’t give a special MVP award to the MVP.
    Bookmark my Tree of Savior World Boss List to get easy access to the locations of the boss spawns!

  • Manahas Set
    This armour set is like the unicorn armour set in Tree of Savior. Some have heard of it, few have seen it nor know how to get it, even fewer have a full set. I am particularly happy to have farmed myself a full set, and also subsequently sold several pieces.
    The 4 piece armour is the end game successor to the famous Cafrisun armour, and gives and gives +240 Hp recovery, +6 all stats, +additional line of 240 frost attack, +12 str and spr and has level 270 armour defence.
    Pretty damn cool eh? It sure is, for auto attack classes.
    The catch? The pieces drop from 4 bosses that have a 30min respawn, 3 of which are located randomly in high level maps, and have a really low drop rate. I’m talking almost Sage Wall Recipe low.
    It is almost impossible to farm this with a normal character due to the rarity of the spawn, location and drop. Hence, most people, myself included, made an Oracle class just to farm Manahas.
    Even with an Oracle, it is still very rare, and takes upwards of at least 6 hours to hope for a drop.
    I will be writing a comprehensive guide to farming the Manahas Set soon, and update the link here. Stay tuned.
    At present, I’ve sold pieces for 25-30 million silver each. They will probably fly off like hotcakes at 20 million.


Cardboard Cube  Level 315 Orange Recipe Jackpot

  • This is the only straight forward way (other than paying on the Market place) to obtain 315 Orange Recipes. Craft Cardboard Cubes.
    Cardboard Cube Recipes drop from the Level 290 dungeon, and require 5 315 Purple Weapon Recipes along with 2 Artiloniums.
    The chances are extremely random, I got a Skull Smasher Recipe from my first ever Cardboard Cube open, and later on got a Heart of Glory Recipe after 5 more opens or so. You can and should re-roll the cubes for 500k silver each. So it’s quite a costly gamble.

Rare Dungeon Cube Drops

Here’s a list of expensive but rare drops from dungeon boss cubes, some of which have been mentioned previously above in the dungeon runs. Prices may differ depending on market demand.

  • Petamion Recipe (2.5 million silver)
    Level 140 dungeon, Harpeia cube.
  • Max Petamion Recipe (2.5 million silver)
    Level 200 Dungeon, Fire Lord Cube
  • Sissel Bracelet Recipe (1 million silver)
    Level 200 Dungeon, Fire Lord Cube
  • Manamana Recipe (1.5 million silver)
    Level 230 Dungeon, Manticen Cube



This concludes this version of my Tree of Savior money making guide. I will update this guide with more items when I see fit, and include update-log at the top.

Once the money/silver making methods have kind of been revolutionised, I will post a new updated guide.

Stay tuned for more articles!