The game has changed a lot in the past 6 months, so here is the latest levelling guide that I personally created and follow on my new alts.


Note that I am Team Level 54, which gives me 53% exp bonus. I am also a token user, hence I have 30% more exp.

This guide is most accurate when there is a EXP Bonus Event going on. That is to say, events that offer you 100% exp buff, fortune cookies, exp tomes, etc.

This guide also assumes that you have a main toon that has done a lot of map exploration, hence have plenty of exp cards right from the get go.

Basically, that is the best time to start and level a toon.

From the late level 260s onwards, there isn’t much choice but to do dungeons and missions. Grinding is not really viable unlike the early levels.

Once you reach rank 15, you can access team storage, grab silver from it and always buy pardoner buffs. As of this time of writing (Aug 2017), > 3k buffs are a thing of the past. That said, 2k buffs are still not bad and will allow you to one shot mobs for a long way.

RIP 5k buffs, you were super cool and fun to level alts with.

Levels 1 – 20

You should have attained level 20 by the time you arrive at Klaipedia from the starter quests. Otherwise just kill stuff.

Levels 20 – 35 Grinding

Nevelette Quarry / Mines / Nefritas Cliff

X-venter mobs (halloventer, necroventer, etc.) always give most exp. For some reason, on a same map with Venter mobs and other mobs, Venter mobs would always give 2-3 times more exp.

General rule of grinding for experience

  • mobs should be giving > 1% exp each to be worth it.
  • Be within 20 levels of the map/mobs.

Levels 35 – 40 Grinding

Tenet Church 1F. Tons of mobs, fast respawn, and killing Galoks give you a chance of Battle Bracelet (4mill on Telsiai as of August 2017). I got a Battle Bracelet drop on my 2nd Galok kill on my latest alt. #truestory

Levels 40 – 43 Grinding

Continue grind or use cards to reach class advancement

Levels 43 – 50

Use up to Lvl4 cards

Levels 50 – 71

50 Dungeon x 3

Levels 71 – 80 Grinding

Event at Royal Mauso Storage (4% per hallow venter!)

– Class Advancement –

Levels 80 – 110 Grinding

Continue Royal Mauso Storage and save dungeon entries for 110 dungeon, or go to 80 dungeon.

Levels 110 – 115 Grinding

Grind Fedimian outskirts hallow venters and quests, get the quest from Coben that leads to the last turn in at dungeon entrance but dont turn in! It is a very useful warp point to warp to the 170 dungeon.

Do 110 Dungeon or save for 140 dungeon (more popular)

Mission if you don’t intend to play for the rest of the day, if not do missions last, because mission scale with your level.

Levels 115 – 120

Use up to level6 cards, Demon Prison 2F ask to join necro party to leech or grind yourself. Exp is not optimised at this level. More exp as you level up.

Levels 120 – 140 Grinding

Grind Demon Prison 2F

Levels 140 – 162

140Dung x 3, Mission x 3  (with 100% event xp boost)

Levels 162 – 170 Grinding

Second Demon Prison at Shaton Reservoir

Mobs are 162 but give 1.22% exp and more each

Aim for Confined Yognome and Trees.

Levels 170 – 192

170 dungeon 3x, Mission x 3, man it’s such a boring and low exp dungeon. Looking forward to exp curve reset at 186. (With event exp boosts)

Levels 192 – 200 Grinding

Continue grinding Second Demon Prison

Levels 200 – 212

Lvl200 Dungeon + Mission x 3

Levels 212 – 240 Grinding

Almeth Forest Grind , Dungeon, Missions, Fucked up stage. Save and use your cards for this stage.

Note Exp reset at Level 236, and Rank 7 advancement around Level 238.

Levels 240 – 260

Dungeon x 6 + 3 missions with exp buff

Levels 260 – 290

Dungeons and Missions Daily.

Levels 290 – 317

Dungeons and Missions Daily + Cards.

Level 317

Mishekan Forest Practonium Quest

Level 317 – 330

Dungeons and Missions Daily + Cards.