Month: October 2017

Tree of Savior, State of the Game, Fall 2017

It is November 2017, the current state of iTOS is pretty sad, probably at the lowest player count this year, because most seasoned players are already tired of the game. Earth Tower is hardly worth doing for the grind to get the lolopanther and solmiki pieces that will be obsolete soon when 350 gear comes. The players who made their orange 315 weapons have made them, semi-jaded from the grind, whilst others like me, settled for a handful of purple 315 weapons, and are holding off the orange weapons because of the impending level cap raise. IMC has launched...

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The Ultimate Manahas Armour Set Farming Guide

The Manahas set is one of the most sought-after armor sets for any auto-attack based class in Tree of Savior, because similar to the popular Cafrisun set, it adds a new line of damage to your attacks; In fact, the Manahas set is often said to be the end-game successor to the Carfrisun armour. What makes it so good or better than the Cafrisun? Let’s take a look at the pieces. For one, it has higher armour rating since the Manahas set is a level 270 armour. The extra ice property damage line is also much higher than the...

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