The Manahas set is one of the most sought-after armor sets for any auto-attack based class in Tree of Savior, because similar to the popular Cafrisun set, it adds a new line of damage to your attacks; In fact, the Manahas set is often said to be the end-game successor to the Carfrisun armour.

What makes it so good or better than the Cafrisun? Let’s take a look at the pieces.

For one, it has higher armour rating since the Manahas set is a level 270 armour.

The extra ice property damage line is also much higher than the Cafrisun’s earth damage.

Finally, the stats on the full set is very remarkable, giving a total of:

  • +14 Accuracy
  • +11 Block Penetration
  • +60 Ice property resistance
  • +8 Poison property resistance
  • +14 Evasion
  • +1250 HP
  • +10 Max Stamina
  • +240 HP Recovery
  • +6 All Stats
  • +110 Frost property attack to basic attacks
  • +12 STR
  • +12 SPR

Classes who benefit most from the Manahas Set

  1. Schwarzer Reiters
  2. Quarrel Shooters
  3. Falconers
  4. Basically most/all archer builds
  5. Monks
  6. Chaplains
  7. Inquisitors
  8. Non-skill based swordsman builds

Why haven’t I heard of the Manahas Set?

For a long time, even until now, the Manahas set had been somewhat of a myth.

There was a time when it was bugged with no extra damage line, so people didn’t pursue it and it sortof got forgotten / unspoken of.

But even if it wasn’t bug like now, the armor pieces are notoriously difficult to obtain.

  • Each piece drops from 4 different rare bosses from 4 different maps.
  • Every boss takes 30 minutes to respawn, with only one of them spawning at a fixed location, the other three spawn randomly across the map.

Pretty fucked up conditions eh?

Once you find one of these bosses and kill them, they have a very very small chance of dropping the Manahas armor.

Imagine having to camp these every 30 minutes randomly across the map for a small chance, that is assuming no one is competing with you.

I give up! This is way too insane to farm!

How do I farm the Manahas set effectively?

There is a specific method, and probably the only method to farm the Manahas set sanely — using an Oracle.

The oracle is one of the most useless class in the game, except when it comes to farming Manahas armour.

Oracles have a skill called Clairvoyance which lets you see what the monster will drop. The item will literally show up above the monster’s head, so when you cast it and the manahas piece shows, you know 100% that this kill will drop it.

More often than not, nothing will happen even though you hear the sound effect. This means that the monster will not drop anything. Sometimes you will get something cool like dungeon multiply vouchers, golden anvils, etc.

So what if the drop isn’t what you want? You use another Oracle skill called Reset.

This skill lets you reset the drop offered by the mob. It has 2 charges before a 2min cooldown.

So these are the steps of Oracle Manahas Farmers:

  1. Find the boss
  2. Cast Clairvoyance
  3. If not desired drop, cast reset. The new drop (if any) should show.
  4. Repeat 3 if still not desired.
  5. Wait for cooldown, and repeat.
  6. If desired drop shows, kill mob.
  7. Loot, profit.

Note that while this sounds too good to be true, it actually is. In reality, you will spend HOURS repeating clairvoyance and reset, only to get nothing, because the Manahas pieces are really rare.

I estimate the chance to get one at about 6 hours of non-stop ‘drop rolling’.

Again, all this is under the condition that no one shows up and kills your boss, which happens, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Also there is the chance that there is already another oracle doing the same thing.

In this case, you can either leave him/her alone, or take turns rolling.

That said, I’ve had i think 3 times where I’ve logged on to the spot, and got the drop right on my first Clairvoyance / Reset. It can happen. I’ve also done it 6 hours in a row with nothing. Netflix on another screen is highly recommended.

Tips and Tricks on using Oracle’s Clairvoyance and Reset

  1. You have to cast clairvoyance before you use reset. I’ve found that using reset without using clairvoyance will reset the drop, but not show it (even though the tooltip says otherwise).
  2. If there are multiple mobs around, Clairvoyance will always target the CLOSEST mob to your oracle. Direction/Target does not matter.
  3. After casting reset, if no item shows up, it means there’s no drop. I’ve found that the sound effect that happens when you cast reset has little connection with the result. However, there are times when nothing shows, but in fact after casting clairvoyance again, the reset actually resulted in a new item. This has happened before, and i’m not sure if it’s a bug or a result of creeping insanity happening.

How to maximise your Manahas set drop?

One more way of maximising your Manahas farm is to have a Dopplesoedner character, either yourself or a (good) friend.

Doppelsoedners have a skill called Double Pay Earn, which doubles your drop within (Skill level) number of hits of killing the monster.

This means that once your Oracle has secured a Manahas drop with reset, you can get a Dopplesoedner character to kill it with Double Pay Earn, and get TWO Manahas pieces drop!

One other tip that I don’t recommend, is channel hopping. There is a trick to reset your Reset skill count, by using only one charge, and then changing channel. Doing so will reset the skill’s charge. However, I’ve found that after doing this a few times, your channel change bar will get bugged and you need to log out.

Also I’ve experienced the bosses despawning after leaving the map, and I am very confident that nobody came to kill it while I was gone for 2mins. Therefore, I do not recommend channel hopping, and just to focus on one boss, one channel.

Look ma! Two boots!

How to get more than one Manahas set drop?

One more crazy trick, is that you can perform the dopplesoedner trick yourself. Simply position your Dopple together at the same boss spot as your Oracle.

Once your Oracle has secured the reset, quickly relog as your Dopple and kill it with Double Pay Earn. You will get the drop. I’ve done this, several times, and thanks to it, I’ve made my first 100 million silver.

“Er.. aren’t you missing something?”

Oh yeah.. 

The Manahas Set Drop Locations and Bosses

Manahas Boots

Dropped by: Rhodevassal

Map: Lhadar Forest

Nearest Waypoint: Pystis Forest

Location: Fixed location. She always spawns at the corner near the waterfall.

Manahas Pants

Dropped by: Viltis Fighter

Map: Mollogheo Forest

Nearest Waypoint: Phamer Forest

Location: Random

This guy shows up in the 290 dungeon, except the 290 dungeon version doesn’t drop the Manahas pants. I’ve noticed one weird thing about this boss, is that he can and will despawn if you leave the map or relog. It seems to be random and I’ve not been able to replicate it, only to see him gone when I changed channel to bounce between bosses. Hence my advice is stick to the same channel.

Manahas Gloves

Dropped by: Cyaria

Map: Inner Wall District 9

Nearest Waypoint: Inner Wall District 8

Location: Random

I used to think this boss spawned only in the rooms, because that was where I found her many times on my first few attempts until bots started showing up on the map, and I found that she could spawn on the walk ways, getting killed by bots. She is a caster mob and can freeze, if your mdef is low and squishy, you might get hurt abit, but she dies quickly.

Manahas Chest

Dropped by: Castle Gardener

Map: Mishekan Forest

Nearest Waypoint: Pystis Forest

Location: Random

This guy hurts the most with his cyclone move, and can really kill you if you are not prepared. He also spawns in a highly populated map with players completing the Mystical Cube quest and farming mats. This means that he will often get killed by others, making it a little challenging to camp, as opposed to the other maps which typically have very little players.

Pro Tip: All of the maps don’t have waypoints, but they all have quests except for Mishekan forest*. Therefore, do one of the quests from the maps but don’t turn them in, so you get a free portal to them.

*Mishekan actually has quests, but the only quests there are for the free practonium mystical cube, therefore it will definitely be cleared.

How much to price the Manahas pieces?

There is no definitive answer, different servers have different economies and hence different prices. However, I feel the minimum per piece should be at least 15 million silver due to the difficulty and rarity to obtain them.

I personally have sold pieces ranging from 30m to 20m, no less than 20m (asshole!!).

I would price the Manahas Chest and Glove slightly higher than the others, because of the dynamic variables of the maps they are located in. Manahas Boots should be the cheapest because that is the easiest and safest one to farm.

That’s all folks, if you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment, share it and let me know what you’d like to see more in future!