It is November 2017, the current state of iTOS is pretty sad, probably at the lowest player count this year, because most seasoned players are already tired of the game. Earth Tower is hardly worth doing for the grind to get the lolopanther and solmiki pieces that will be obsolete soon when 350 gear comes.

The players who made their orange 315 weapons have made them, semi-jaded from the grind, whilst others like me, settled for a handful of purple 315 weapons, and are holding off the orange weapons because of the impending level cap raise.

IMC has launched some really boring and sad events, ie. Pivoto series, Way of mercenaries series, halloween, that few people want to do. The Pokemon monster tame event was actually pretty awesome and fun, until IMC decided to nerf it to oblivion, and people lost interest.

Hey IMC, it’s ok for events/things to be easy sometimes. It doesn’t always have to be a tiresome grind. It’s called user experience and user fatigue.

When you launch a fun and easy event like fishing, it takes players mind away from their tougher grind, and makes their experience in-game more pleasurable.

Market is in a weird state right now, card prices have more or less stabilised with world boss cards being the most expensive. Monster album prices have gone way down to the 300k range.

I might have missed out on a big opportunity with Practonium — Should’ve bought them all when they were 9-10m, now they are all out of stock because the upcoming 350 weapons require 2 Practoniums. Then again, there might be new ways of acquiring Practonium, making them much cheaper in future. Who knows?

New weapons will also require a certain dust to craft, that is obtained by disenchanting certain  weapon drops in specific zones. More details on where and what to farm at

Hunting Grounds (HG) weapons in an upcoming patch will also feature random rollable stats.

Other than the level cap raise, people are also looking forward to the new classes and ranks to existing classes and class re-balancing.

Most hyped new classes are probably the Bullet Marker which is like a non-mounted dual-pistol SR and Shadowmancer. More info here.

Something interesting is that you will be able to rollback your current rank one step down.

Manahas set should still be best in slot for many auto attack based classes, so you can check out my guide to acquiring the Manahas set here.

So what have I been doing?

Basically I’ve been trying to make and save as much silver as possible to prepare for the future.

I’ve also levelled 2 alts side by side to 330, a Sorc-Necro  and  Bokor-Plague Doctor.

Both are pretty fun to play, though I seriously missed out on the afk-farm madness of the necro-sorcs. Plague Doctor is seriously overpowered still! Super impressed at how easy it is to farm Michmas temple with it.

I’ve also bought a Purine Pevordimas Pistol to replace my SR’s Manamana, but got it to 0 potential at +10 … SAD.

Meanwhile, I also bought a Purine Pevordimas Staff for my necro, and it had a whopping 16 potential! Got it to +12 at 8/16, not sure how to proceed from here.

Been also farming Michmas temple with a variety of my classes for gear drops, and I still go back to my Thauma-Featherfoot for farming, because seriously, NOTHING beats having double drops on every kill. NOTHING. Makes me wonder why I should bother with other classes. Different play style I guess, at the cost of efficiency.

Also I’ve finally gotten Practoniums for all my characters except for the 2 new toons, that’s 7 Practoniums from mystical cubes. The latest one was actually from my first mystical cube.. so that took like 5 months?

So that’s that for this little rant. Let’s look forward to the revival of ToS again when level cap is raised!

PS: Say..are you guys interested in seeing builds? It’s been on my mind awhile now whether or not I should post my toon’s builds…