Month: December 2017

Is the Schwarzer Reiter C3 (SR3) DEAD in Rank 9? (with the release of Bullet Marker)

Schwarzer Reiter (SR) was one of my favourite classes to play, and one of the most efficient farming classes when I got back in Tree of Savior 6 months ago. The reason was it’s mobility, rapid machine gun shooting against helpless mobs that couldn’t keep up. With the Rank 9 update, SR have taken a bit of a hit, because every Limacon hit now consumes mana. In my playing post Rank 9, I did indeed had to consistently chug mana pots. Bullet Marker is the next big pistol-wielding class in Tree of Savior, introduced in the Rank 9 patch....

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The BIGGEST patch in the history of Tree of Savior!

This is it! Today we get the patch that everyone has been waiting for the last 6 months! Let’s hope this patch will be enough to revive the game for another 6 months, though I’m pretty sure there will be quite bit of bugs. Due to the enormous amount of changes, I will be digesting and telling you guys the most important changes with my commentary. Level cap increased to 360! Very long overdue! I wonder how long it will take to reach level 360 from 330? NEW Classes! 4 new classes were added to Tree of Savior International...

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