This is it! Today we get the patch that everyone has been waiting for the last 6 months! Let’s hope this patch will be enough to revive the game for another 6 months, though I’m pretty sure there will be quite bit of bugs.

Due to the enormous amount of changes, I will be digesting and telling you guys the most important changes with my commentary.

Level cap increased to 360!

Very long overdue! I wonder how long it will take to reach level 360 from 330?

NEW Classes!

4 new classes were added to Tree of Savior International version! (They’ve already been on kToS for awhile)

However, you need to fulfil ‘special requirements’, which are specialisation quests that apparently have 3 stages. There are special rewards for the quests, receivable once per character and have ‘resets 2 times a week at 6am monday and friday’, whatever that means. Does this mean the specialisation quests will be time gated?

Anyway, the 4 new classes are:

  • Matador (Swordsman)
  • Shadowmancer (Wizard)
  • Bullet Marker (Archer)
  • Zealot (Cleric)


New Classes unlocked for next 2 weeks!

This means that for the next 2 weeks from 12 December 2017, you can simply advance to these classes without completing their quests. Cool!


Daily RANK RESETS for the next 2 weeks!!

Yay! There were some speculation that maybe there won’t be daily resets this time. Thankfully, there are, although it’s only once per team per day. Still, it’s pretty good and will let me finally shuffle out some bad builds.

NEW Challenge Mode

Ok, this is seems to be ‘inspired’ from Diablo 3, grind enough monsters on a map to fill a bar, and a boss will spawn, kill the boss and a portal will open leading you into a phantom zone sorta map. It’s a single daily entry, and you will be hunting for unidentified gear and ‘other rewards’.

[How to Enter]
– After defeating a certain number of monsters on a field of level 200 or above, you will come across a monster surrounded by purple light.
– Defeating the purple light monster opens a portal to the Challenge Mode.
– The portal remains open for 10 minutes, and anyone can enter it.
– Premade party members will enter the same map if they access the portal, but if at least one party member is already at Stage 2 or higher, the others will not be able to enter directly to the same stage.
[How to Play]
– Inside the Challenge Mode, your goal is to defeat monsters and charge the Challenge Level gauge.
– When the gauge is fully charged, a boss monster appears.
– After defeating the boss monster, you will see two portals: Close and Step Up.
– Choose Close to exit the Challenge Mode and receive your stage reward.
– Choose Step Up if you want to continue onto the next stage and defeat more monsters for additional rewards.
– There are 5 stages in total, each lasting a maximum of 10 minutes.
– Every stage increases your Looting Chance by 100 and provides more reward cubes when completed, but higher stages also mean more powerful monsters.
– If all party members become incapable of combat or you don’t complete the stage under 10 minutes, you fail the Challenge Mode.
– If your character and the Challenge Mode are 30 or more levels apart, you will not be able to enter it.
– The Challenge Mode does not open inside Hunting Grounds.
– Reward cubes can be transferred via Team Storage but cannot be reopened.

New Raid Dungeon

Finally, does this mean we have stuff to do with guildies now? This raid is mainly for gathering materials and recipes for the lvl350 orange weapons.

New Magic Find Stat

Tree of saviour calls it ‘Looting Chance’, but it’s basically Magic Find, and is rolled from unidentified gear, which brings us to..

New Random Gear Stats

– Unidentified items will now include random stats that are revealed when the item is identified.
– The random stats will apply only to newly acquired unidentified items (not the ones acquired pre-update).
– The random stats can consist of STR, INT, SPR, critical rate and other values that directly influence your combat performance. The same stat will not be applied more than once (you only get one of each per item).
– The number of stats attributed to each identified item (regardless of grade) is as follows: one-handed weapons = 1-4; two-handed weapons = 3-6; armor = 1-4.
– Newly acquired unidentified items have a fixed socket number and potential (the numbers do not vary when the items are identified).

FUCK, that means all the cubes I stocked up from Michmas temple are useless! Damn it…

NEW Item Dismantling

– You can now dismantle items of level 75 and up at the Blacksmith NPC in Klaipeda, Orsha or Fedimian.
– You can dismantle both regular and unidentified items to obtain Nucle Powder and Sierra Powder (however, Sierra Powder can only be obtained by dismantling Unique items).
– Nucle and Sierra Powder can be used to readjust item stats (to be added in the future) and craft items.

Yet another time sink.

NEW Item Re-identification

Mats/gold-sink for this one to re-roll items. The interesting thing is that the original stats are retained, with new stats adding on to it. I suppose in this case, every item can only be re-identified once? And it would probably be quite costly to do it.

– You can now get your identified random stat items re-identified at Blacksmith NPCs in cities (excluding Fedimian, where this option will be available at the Appraiser NPC).
– Re-identifying your items consumes a set amount of Nucle Powder and Sierra Powder.
– When an item is identified, its stat groups and total number of stats will be maintained, while a new random set of stats (within the same groups) and values are applied.
– Stat groups in identified weapon and armor items are categorized as follows:
[ATTACK] Group: physical attack, additional property damage, magic attack, magic amplification, critical attack, defense type attack, monster type attack.
[DEFENSE] Group: physical defense, magic defense, attack type defense, property resistance, critical resistance.
[UTILITY] Group: accuracy, block, stamina, HP, SP, HP recovery, SP recovery, critical rate, block penetration, looting chance, evasion.

NEW Maps

New level 340 Hunting Ground, Nazrene Tower, will update the Hunting Grounds post later on this.

New Field Maps

  • Lv 327: Zetheo Coast
  • Lv 331: Aitheo Coast
  • Lv 333: Lanko 26 Waters
  • Lv 335: Eperotao Coast
  • Lv 336: Lanko 22 Waters
  • Lv 344: Teresh Forest
  • Lv 348: Tekel Shelter
  • Lv 351: Izoliacjia Plateau
  • Lv 354: Narvas Temple
  • Lv 357: Narvas Temple Annex
  • Lv 335: Sausys Room 9
  • Lv 338: Sausys Room 10
  • Lv 341: Valandis Room 2
  • Lv 344: Valandis Room 3
  • Lv 347: Valandis Room 91

Revised Instanced Dungeon List

  • Historic Site Ruins: Lv raised to 120
  • Monument of Desire Dungeon: Level raised to 180
  • Fallen Legwyn Family Dungeon: Level raised to 230
  • Underground Catacombs Dungeon: Level raised to 270
  • Castle Dungeon: Level raised to 300
  • DELETED Hollow Thorn Forest: Lv 170
  • DELETED Archmage Tower Dungeon: Lv 200
  • DELETED Blue Fortress Dungeon: 260 (Thank Laima!)

Instanced Dungeon Improvements

– All instanced dungeons can now be directly accessed through the Sentinel Rian NPC, located in the upper area of Klaipeda.

Yay! No more travelling to the dungeon! Do we need to first discover it though?

Instanced dungeon entries will now be consumed not upon entering the dungeon, but after defeating the final boss monster and receiving the corresponding rewards.

Good, no more losing entries via disconnect.

[Completion Rate]
– Instanced dungeons will now display the completion rate (%) on the minimap UI.
– To increase the completion rate, you and your party members must defeat more monsters inside the dungeon.
– The dungeon’s rewards increase with every 20% increment (max. 5 increments). Ex.: 100% completion rate = 6 cubes.
– Boss monsters do not count towards the dungeon’s completion rate.
– If you end the dungeon with a completion rate under 20%, you will not receive Silver or EXP from regular monsters.
– Instanced dungeon Cubes, Silver and EXP rewards will now be obtained all at once after defeating the final boss monster (not after defeating each individual monster).
– Items obtained as instanced dungeon rewards will now all drop from the dungeon’s reward cubes.
– Changed the name of all instanced dungeon reward cubes to ‘[Dungeon Name] Cube’.
– Cubes obtained as instanced dungeon rewards cannot be reopened.
[Min. – Max. Silver Obtainable From Each Dungeon]
– Underground Chapel Dungeon (Lv 50): 8,000 – 40,000 Silver
– Historic Site Ruins (Lv 120): 18,000 – 90,000 Silver
– Monument of Desire Dungeon (Lv 180): 26,667 – 133,333 Silver
– Fallen Legwyn Family Dungeon (Lv 230): 33,333 – 166,666 Silver
– Underground Catacombs Dungeon (Lv 270): 40,000 – 200,000 Silver
– Castle Dungeon (Lv 300): 44,000 – 220,000 Silver

All very nice QoS updates. Thanks IMC.

Armor Equipment

– Armor equipment items now have a 100% enhancement success rate until +5.


Increased Monster EXP Drops

– Increased EXP gains from monster hunting in regular fields by about 2x.
– EXP gains in Hunting Grounds will be about 1.5x higher than regular fields.

Ooo they’re making ToS Easy mode…

Hunting Ground Drops

– Golden Anvil, Instance Clear Voucher (★) and Red/Blue/Green/Purple Card Album items will no longer drop from regular fields or instanced dungeons.
– Golden Anvil, Red/Blue/Green/Purple Card Album, Blessed Shards and Gem items will now drop from Hunting Grounds.
– Hunting Grounds will now drop all 4 colors of Monster Card Albums.
– According to their recommended level, Hunting Grounds will drop Red/Blue/Green/Yellow Gems of Lv 1 to Lv 3.
– Increased the drop rate of Rare and Unique unidentified items in Hunting Grounds by 2-4 times. Reduced the drop rate of Magic items.

Ok, so expect shit tons of people in Hunting Grounds, assuming there will be many players playing.

Mystical Cube

– Using the cube will now automatically drop Practonium and Keistas Potion items.
– The items will drop automatically even if you have an Unstable Cube.

Ahhh new players have it easy. I only have 1 mystical cube left out of my 10 characters.

Notable Class Changes for Me

Schwarzer Reiter

Limacon now consumes SP PER ATTACK. WTF?!


Blessing no longer has an attack count limit. Awesome sauce!


Last Rites will now apply additional 20% damage when your health falls under 40%. Cool damage buff!


Hamaya now lets you choose the target on the ground.

That’s about it, the rest of the changes I don’t really care about.

Massive changes to Krivis, Paladin, Oracle classes.

For full list of changes, visit