Schwarzer Reiter (SR) was one of my favourite classes to play, and one of the most efficient farming classes when I got back in Tree of Savior 6 months ago. The reason was it’s mobility, rapid machine gun shooting against helpless mobs that couldn’t keep up.

With the Rank 9 update, SR have taken a bit of a hit, because every Limacon hit now consumes mana. In my playing post Rank 9, I did indeed had to consistently chug mana pots.

Bullet Marker is the next big pistol-wielding class in Tree of Savior, introduced in the Rank 9 patch. The key feature is it’s double gun stance, a mode that makes you wield your pistol in both hands replacing your basic attack with the enhanced pistol attack, and opening up a line of double gun ONLY skills.

This is all great, except that Double Gun Stance DOES NOT WORK WHILE RIDING. This pretty much cancels out Bullet Marker’s synergy with Schwarzer Reiter.

So does this mean Bullet Marker is dead to Schwarzer Reiters and vice versa?

Luckily, ‘it still works’.

I’m using the standard Appraiser-Reiter, which is Archer C2 -> Ranger C2 -> Appraiser -> Schwarzer Reiter C3 build. Before I respecced from Ranger3 to include Appraiser in my build, one of the key things I was looking for was simply: How to buff my damage, and debuff enemies in order to make my Schwarzer Reiter’s attacks stronger. Appraiser fit the requirements perfectly.

Thankfully with Bullet Marker C1 , even if you don’t use the Double Gun Stance skills, there are enough buffing skills in C1 of Bullet Marker to buff your Schwarzer Reiter. They are:

Silver Bullet
All attacks are augmented with the holy attribute.

This DOES NOT give you an extra line of attack, but makes your attacks holy, which deals greater damage against dark property monsters, which make up for the bulk of the monsters in game. That said, I think that if you have Sacrament buff, this skill is negated.

Fires an electric bullet into the enemy causing them to take additional lightning damage when damaged.

This basically adds additional lightning damage (sort of additional line) to your hits, but the caveat is it only hits 10 times. It’s a short damage burst, but with the skill maxed out, it’s actually a nice damage burst.

Napalm Bullet
Explodes and inflicts damage to enemies in front of you. 2 Charges.

Frontal AOE kinda like SR’s Caracole, which I don’t use, and to be honest, this is quite weak too.

Full Metal Jacket
Fires a powerful bullet that ignores half of an enemy’s defence.

This is actually a very strong skill and has 4 charges, with a cool down of only 20secs. I’ve gotten many big crits on this, though the sad thing is it’s a single target hit.

That’s basically all you get for Bullet Marker that works with Schwarzer Reiter.

Is Bullet Marker the ideal choice for Rank 9 in a SR3 build? Probably not. Can you use it? Yes.

What are our other options?

Possibly Rogue for Rank 9 for pretty much Sneak hit’s 40% chance, along with 3 werewolf cards which gives you 30% chance of your normal hits registering as back-hits. To be honest, when you are sweeping to and fro with Limacon, you will register back hits more often that you think. So Rogue is still a pretty good option.

Rogue C2 without Appraiser is not worth it, because Appraiser brings much more to the table than Rogue C2.

What about the SP issue?

If you have good gear, you will take less hits to kill mobs, and that will save you more mana. Which means, full dex builds are very dangerous now, because they will not only shoot more to kill mobs, they will also decrease your mana faster than you’d like.

I am going 200 dex and rest into str.

Aside from that, a neat trick I discovered was the use of SP Recovery cards. Specifically, a levelled up Specter Monarch card gives you 10% change of recovering 5% SP after defeating dark property monsters, which I have previously said, make more a big portion of the monsters you will encounter/farm in game. After testing this, I did find my SP going up instead of down quite frequently, so it definitely works and is a good counter to the SP issue.

The 2 popular cards to use would be Specter Monarch for dark property monsters, and Carapace for Ice Property Monsters (Coastal mobs)

The only catch is that if you are using werewolf cards for a rogue build, you won’t be able to use the sp recovery cards, since they are also purple.

So that is pretty much the state of Schwarzer Reiters in the Rank 9 Patch of Tree of Savior.

Here are my Schwarzer Reiter SR3 Rank 9 builds, for reference:

Bullet Marker Build

Rogue Build

Stay tuned for for more builds, especially when I share my new favourite farming build soon.