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Plan your build carefully!!

So… this is like the 5th or 6th time I’ve rerolled an archer in Tree of Savior. This time was the most drastic one, because I rerolled from lvl71. Reason? Because I messed up my class progression.  In the past, I had to reroll because I missed up some skill ranks. This time, it was because of the order i got my classes. I wass trying to go for a cookie cutter machine-gun quarrel shooter, which demands an Archer2/QuarrelShooter3 build. What I didn’t know was that you’re NOT  supposed to get 2 ranks  of  Archer from the start! Instead,...

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Be a Contributor on ToS Tips!

Hey, if you like ToS Tips and would like to contribute your views and findings too on a semi-professional blog platform, drop me a note! I run a couple of businesses in real life, which leaves me very little time to play ToS, let alone maintain a blog concurrently. Also, many of my posts will be somewhat focused on Archer and Priest classes, as those are the ones I’m playing. If you feel you have a good knowledge of other areas of the game and would like to be published on a blog, and want some future reference that you...

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Welcome to ToS (Tree of Saviour) Tips Blog!

Woo hoo! This marks the start of this blog! In ToS Tips, I will share my journey, observations and tips for playing Tree of Saviour. Tree of Saviour is a MMO developed by IMC Games, created by Kim Hakkyu who created one of the grandfathers of korean MMOs, Ragnarok Online. I myself am an avid gamer of over 20 years, and Ragnarok Online was one of the biggest time sinks of my life. The biggest one being Final Fantasy 11. Naturally, I was excited when I learnt Tree of Saviour was going to be released, and was the spiritual successor...

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